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Dear Parents, Students and Staff,

You may have noticed the construction at the front of the school since May.  The project has been stalled due to a utility issue, and there has been a major delay in the project to widen the road.  For staff who park in front of the school, and parents who drop-off and pick-up students in this location, we will have major congestion to start the school year.  Please see the note below from the county.  

Liberty High School (Home & Sawmill Improvements):

The current MOT (Maintenance of Traffic) for Home and Sawmill will be in place through Labor Day.  This work includes the widening of the north side of Home Road in front of the school and both of their entrances.  Access to the high school through their far west entrance will be maintained during the work.  The right in right out entrance is currently closed as we have widening and storm work through that entrance.  We are still waiting on Columbia Gas to be out of the way to start the work.  Right now we are looking at a start date of August 15.  Once the north side widening is completed we will flip the MOT and start the widening work on the south side of the road.  At that point, the school should have full access to both of their entrances.  Final project completion will be in the middle of October due to the 3 month utility delay.

When we get permission, and the exit opens, we will have a more normal flow.  In the meantime, we are offering two solutions for traffic flow for drop-off and pick-up.  We also suggest allowing plenty of time in the morning as traffic will be heavy.  Thanks in advance for your patience and we look forward to a smooth opening of school inside the building.  



With Liberty Pride,

Mike Starner, Principal